Business Areas

Career Services Businesses

We have multiple online businesses related to career services. We are very selective in bringing partners on board for this segment as strong commitments are required from our partners. Reach to us to check which services are available.

Career Services can be related to coaching, interview skills, resume and CV writing.

Career Products Businesses

Career Products are one of the top notch businesses that we offer, since you need to set up a business once and then just count the dollars rolling in. Some of the top career products involve setting up local job sites and job advertisement forums.

Job sites, Job forums, coaching packages and courses can constitute Career Products businesses.

Career Growth Products

Localized support to your business such as providing a custom website for career growth related products. Providing technical support to your Training company such as designing content.

A broad array of Career Outsourced services anywhere in the world!

Career Products & Technology

From designing processes to providing global certifications and courses, you can become a proud franchisee, affiliate or partner for any of our business or service that is on offer.

From providing licensed content to validating courses and certifications.

Interested in Partnerships or have any query? Lets Talk!